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Employee Assistance Program

We all need help every now and then.
As an additional benefit for all full-time and part-time employees working more than 50%, Highland Park ISD provides access to an Employee Assistant Program or EAP.  
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What does an EAP provide?
You and your household members are able to seek help with everyday challenges of life that may affect your health, family life and desire to excel at work. MetLife provides these services.
What types of support and services are provided?
You and the members of your household are entitled to up to 5 consultations with a licensed clinician per incident, per individual, per calendar year.  Telephone or online services and/or resources are also available in areas such as legal services, financial services, childcare and eldercare assistance, identity theft recovery services, daily living services, and much more.
Is there a cost to the employee or household member?
There is no cost for services covered by the EAP.  If you decide you want services not included, you must arrange and pay for those services separately.
Are EAP services confidential?
YES.  Employee information of anyone who utilizes EAP services is not provided to HPISD.  This information is kept confidential.