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Substitute Information

Every day counts in the education of a student. Therefore, when it is necessary for a regular classroom teacher to be absent, it is essential that the classwork continues at the highest level possible.


Current Substitutes



Potential Substitutes


Education Requirements

All substitutes are required to hold a BA or BS degree. A teaching certification is not required. All nurse subs must have an RN license.



The rate of pay for a substitute teacher and paraprofessional positions is $95.00 per day.

Substitute Nurses are paid $145 per day.


Long-term substitute *rate for consecutive days 11-20 is $110 per day.

Long-term substitute *rate for consecutive days 21 or more is $130 per day.


*This applies only to teaching positions, not paraprofessional positions.


Application Process

Step 1: Complete the online application for substitutes found here: Substitute Application


Once your application is submitted our office will be in contact regarding the next steps.


After you have completed the application and our Substitute Office has been in contact, you will be sent a link to complete the following steps.


Step 2: Public School Works

You will be required to complete several required online courses through Public School Works that may take a few hours.  This must be completed each school year.


Step 3: Fingerprinting

All substitutes are required to be fingerprinted by Texas state law to be allowed to work in a public school. The cost for the fingerprinting is just under $50. The district will not reimburse applicants for fingerprinting expenses. Previous fingerprinting that you may have completed for a real estate license, nursing license or daycare will not be accepted by the state. If you are certified to teach in the state of Texas and have been digitally fingerprinted for certification purposes, we will be able to acquire the results quickly.

Once Public School Works and Fingerprinting have been completed and verified by our office you will be sent the new hire onboarding documents electronically.

Step 4: Onboarding 

Once onboarding documents have been completed you will then be invited to attend an orientation. 

Step 5: Orientation

All of the above steps must be completed PRIOR to registering to attend an orientation. We will have one orientation per month for the Fall semester.


Contact Information:

Melinda Tubb