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Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave Information
Maternity leave is one of the qualifying events for the Family Medical Leave Act, FMLA.  In order to be eligible for FMLA leave, you must have been employed for at least one school year and worked a minimum of 1250 hours during that year.  If there is a break in service, please be sure and contact Melinda Tubb at for information.
For additional information regarding Maternity Leave, please refer to I'm Pregnant Now What?
What does FMLA Maternity Leave give me?
  • It allows you to be off for a maximum of 12 weeks of paid or unpaid, job-protected leave.  
Does this continue my pay during the 12 weeks?
  • You will be required to use paid leave concurrently with FMLA.
  • Unpaid leave begins when paid leave is exhausted.