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Board Goals

The Highland Park ISD Board of Trustees established the following five strategic objectives and corresponding SMART goals in the spring of 2022 for implementation during the 2022-23 school year.
Strategic Objective #1: Student Achievement
SO 1.1
Student Achievement
Goal: K – 8
Alignment with the Science of Reading – By the end of the 2022-2023 school year, HPISD will work with literacy experts to revise the literacy framework, curriculum documents and instructional materials, and provide professional learning to maximize alignment to the Science of Reading research and best practices in reading instruction.
SO 1.2
Student Achievement
Goal: Writing Assessment Plan
HPISD will develop a comprehensive K-12 writing assessment plan
that aligns to the district’s mission and vision to improve student writing skills. The plan will include both quantitative and qualitative assessment measures, performance criteria, professional learning
plans, and expectations for quantity and quality of K-12 student performance in writing. The plan will be completed, and implementation will be initiated by the end of the 2022-2023 school year.
SO 1.3
Student Achievement
Goal: Student Achievement Dashboard
By the end of the 2022-2023 school year, HPISD will
develop an online dashboard with multiple key measures, shown historically and comparatively with peer districts, to increase communication for parents and to help identify strengths and areas for improvement.
Strategic Objective #2: Student Well-Being
SO 2.1
Student Well-Being
Goal: Mental Health & Wellness Collaborative
HPISD will continue to expand participation in and leadership of the DFW Regional Collaborative partnership with the objective of expanding insights into common issues and better leveraging shared resources. By May 2023, HPISD will increase the number of staff representing Intermediate, Middle, High School and District leadership participating in Local and Regional mental health and wellness partnerships from 5 to 15 staff members. The primary objective will be to create an increasing continuum of care for school-age students and families in the Park Cities.
SO 2.2
Student Well-Being
Goal: Improve Student Sense of Belonging
By October 2022, HPISD secondary campuses will each create a comprehensive work plan and timeline targeted at increasing to 90%+ the district mean percentage of students who report that they "feel like they belong at their school" as measured by the annual Gallup Student Poll.
SO 2.3
Student Well-Being
Goal: Increased Student/Community Feedback
By October 2022, HPISD will expand the feedback and interaction opportunities by directing each secondary campus to create a unique, comprehensive work plan and timeline for capturing student and parent feedback in grades 7-12 on student well-being topics.
Strategic Objective #3: Human Resources
SO 3.1
Human Resources &
SO 4.1
Financial Stewardship
Alignment with District Priorities & Employee Compensation 
By February 2023, HPISD will complete a District financial assessment with the specific objective of identifying (1) new revenue streams and (2) potential expense efficiencies/savings to directly enable the district’s primary goal of enhancing employee compensation.
SO 3.2
Human Resources
Goal: Implement Retention Strategies & Assess Impact
HPISD will implement the retention strategies outlined in the HPISD Recruitment & Retention (R&R) Plan. The Administration will present a timeline that outlines the strategies, dates, and any ongoing or new informal and/or
formal metrics, which will include the Gallup overall Teacher Engagement measure first surveyed in May 2022, with the intent that this measure will be maintained or improve over the course of the 2022-23 school year (implementation reports will be presented to the Board in Oct 2022, Feb 2023,
and Jun 2023).
Strategic Objective #4: Financial Stewardship
SO 4.2
Financial Stewardship
By December 2022, HPISD will build a District financial scorecard that will outline select high-level financial & operational metrics in support of District priorities.
Strategic Objective #5: Communication
SO 5.1
Communications Mapping
Goal: Communication Map
HPISD will develop and execute a focused communication map that aligns to the district’s mission and vision to improve community communication and engagement. The map will incorporate key messages, channels, ownership, and frequency to key target audiences, as well as relevant quantitative and qualitative measure(s) for each map component. An initial draft of the communication map will be completed by September 1, 2022, and a final draft completed and ready for full implementation by October 15, 2022. The communication map will be implemented in the late Fall 2022/early Spring 2023.
Strategic Objectives Updates
Progress updates for each Strategic Objective are provided to trustees regularly and presented during Trustee Work Sessions. Links to update presentations are below.