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Text Message Alerts

Q: What are HPISD's text message alerts?

A: Highland Park ISD will send alerts to parents', students' and staff members' cell phones via text message. This service will be used in addition to our existing web and email notifications.

Q: Am I automatically subscribed to this service?

A: No. HPISD must have your cell number on file, and users must "opt-in" to begin receiving text alerts from HPISD. 

Q: How do I verify that HPISD has my cell number on file?

A: Follow these steps:

  • Log in to Skyward Employee Access
  • Click “Employee Information” at the top of the window
  • Click “Personal Information”
  • Verify that your cell phone is listed in either the first or second phone field. If not, click “Request Changes,” enter your cell phone number and click “Save”

Q: How do I opt-in?

A: You can opt-in by texting the word “Yes” to the number 67587, and you will receive a confirmation reply within a few minutes.

Q: I texted "yes" to 67587, but I received an error message back. What does that mean?

A: Highland Park ISD uses School Messenger, a nationwide company, to send out the text alerts. School Messenger uses "short-code" messaging, which is not standard on all cell phone data plans. Please contact your wireless provider and ask to have short-code messaging capabilities activated. Once this is done, text "yes" again to 67587. You should receive a confirmation text reply.

Q: Why have I received a text message from HPISD in the past, but I no longer receive them?

A: If you changed your wireless plan recently, such as moving from Verizon to AT&T for example, your ability to receive short-code messages may have been turned off. If you still have the same wireless carrier but updated your contract, this may have caused short-code messaging to be turned off. Please call your wireless carrier to ensure that short-code messaging is turned on.

Q: Will this service cost me anything?

A: Please note that while the service itself is free, participants may be charged for text messages according to their wireless carrier's plan.

Q: Who can I talk to for further assistance?

A: Please call Tammy Kuykendall, HPISD's Assistant Director of Communications, at 214-780-3007.