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HPISD Board of Trustees Goals

Fiscal and Financial Management

  • Maximize district efforts to seek out and secure new sources of revenue support.
  • Apply the efficiencies and economies of scale to all district programs and staff.

Student Performance and Achievement

  • Enhance and augment the focus on professional development as the venue to effect change in the instructional program, school climate and student support systems of the district. Continue to support the integration of technology in the teaching and learning process.
  • Maximize district performance in all areas by increasing the proficiency levels, as measured by the Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR), norm-referenced tests, and standardized tests, of all district students, with a particular focus on proficiency at the high school (Advanced Placement Exams, SAT, Preliminary SAT, ACT). Use AEIS data for systemic evaluation.
  • Continue to implement and evaluate strategies that address student participation and involvement in school-related activities.

Personnel Management

  • Maximize continuing district efforts to recruit and retain top-quality candidates for all positions.

Governance and Board/Superintendent Relations

  • Create, modify, implement, and evaluate appropriate systems, processes, and procedures to ensure progress towards attainment of the mission and full compliance with all regulations.
  • Communicate and model the valued characteristics of honor, respect and trust as appropriate and acceptable behaviors for Board and Superintendent relationships and all invested stakeholders of the Highland Park Independent School District.