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Exchange Day Requirements

  • To receive exchange day hours training must be completed during a non-contact time and/or non-workday hours.
  • All HPISD staff will complete an Individual Staff Development Plan. Plans must be pre-approved by the campus principal or designee.  Plans will be submitted and approved in May before the next school year for any summer training to count towards exchange days in the upcoming school year.
  • A full day of training or 6 hours will be considered equivalent to one day of exchange time. 
  • A supervisor may recommend or require certain sessions for staff members to attend in order to receive exchange time.
  • All staff development approved by the district will count toward professional learning hours. The district will track all locally provided staff development. Staff members are responsible for keeping track of hours gained outside the district.
  • Proof of attendance is required.
NOTE: An exchange day must be professional development.  Hours worked beyond the normal work day is not eligible to be used for exchange day credit, unless a non-exempt employee is using compensation time.