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Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee was charged with evaluating the district’s capital improvement needs and providing input and guidance to the Board of Trustees on the development of a bond package to address such needs.  The committee met during the Spring 2024 semester from February through April. The committee ultimately recommended the Board of Trustees consider a $130 million to $140 million bond package, to address immediate capital improvement needs and make more funds available to increase teacher salaries. The recommendation from the committee would not result in a tax rate increase.


Community Advisory Committee Membership

Mr. Robert F. Begert

Mrs. Rebecca Bell

Mr. Benjamin Carpenter

Mr. Brad Cheves

Mr. Pete Chilian

Mr. Dallas Cothrum

Mr. Michael Denton Jr., Committee Chair

Mrs. Elizabeth Gambrell

Mrs. Margo Goodwin

Mr. Robert T. Halpin

Mr. Peter Hegi

Mrs. Leslie Kibby

Mr. Thomas Laughlin

Ms. Connie O'Neill

Mr. Nick Peters

Mr. Peter Pincoffs

Mr. Paul Rowsey

Mrs. Elizabeth Speicher

Mrs. Claire Swope

Mr. Price Wagner

Mrs. Jane Wallingford

Mr. Clinton Warren

Mrs. Stephanie Wilson

Meeting One Presentations 2-27-24
Meeting Two Presentations 3-5-24
Meeting Three Presentations 3-21-24
Meeting Four Presentations 3-26-24
Meeting Five Presentations 4-4-24
Meeting Six Presentations 4-9-24