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Employee Benefits and Information

Employee Benefits Overview

Click HERE to access the HPISD Employee Benefits Center

 As a full-time employee of HPISD, the employee is eligible for:

  • The District's contribution towards the TRS health insurance coverage of $225 per month beginning September 2024.
  • The District's contribution of $600 annually is provided for employee-only dental insurance.
  • HPISD pays the premium for a $50,000 life insurance through Dearborn National Life Insurance for those under 70.  For those over 70, HPISD pays the premium for $25,000 life insurance policy. 

Other Benefits Available:

Employee Benefits Detailed Information 

First Financial Group of America, FFGA, is our third-party administrator who manages our online enrollment and benefits information.  

Contact HPISD Benefits: Laura Weaver, Benefits Manager

Phone: 214-780-3010

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 214-780-3099


2024-25 Open Enrollment


The Highland Park ISD open enrollment period for all employees is July 8 - August 16, 2024. All employees are REQUIRED annually to log in to their benefit account and either ENROLL or DECLINE medical and all other offered benefits. Enroll for your 2024–25 benefits beginning on July 8  by visiting the HPISD Employee Benefits Center. 

During open enrollment, you can enroll online or by phone with your First Financial Account Representative. Online enrollment will eliminate extra paperwork and allow you the opportunity to enroll from home. If you prefer to talk with our supplemental benefit representatives, please follow the link to schedule the best time to be contacted. The representatives will provide an overview and walk through of your benefits. To schedule a phone appointment, click here. 


New this year 


Highland Park ISD is committed to maximizing employee compensation and providing more choices. In line with last year's dental plan adjustment, we are now allocating the district medical benefit contributions directly to you. 


Instead of paying an insurance provider, we are adding $2,800 to every employee's salary. This amount is in addition to the 2% raise approved by the Board in June. 


  • For those who choose to enroll in TRS insurance, there's no loss, as this amount is pre-tax.
  • For those who do not enroll in TRS insurance and have other insurance options, this is additional compensation. 


In both scenarios, this increase benefits every employee by boosting overall salary and positively impacting your TRS retirement annuity.


We want to assure you that HPISD will continue to offer health insurance and, as always, you have the option to enroll or decline during Open Enrollment.


Open enrollment for the 2024-25 school year is July 8 - August 16, 2024.



Medical Plan Contributions/Salary Swap Example 

Based on Current District Contribution ($437) and 2024-25 Health Plan Rates




Employee with Health Insurance Coverage

Scenario 1:      

$2,800 Salary Increase and Employee Chooses Health Insurance Coverage

Scenario 2:

$2,800 Salary Increase and Employee Does Not Choose Health Insurance Coverage

Annual Salary




Salary Addition




Total Annual Salary - TRS Creditable Compensation





Monthly Salary before Benefits & Taxes





Employee Cost - TRS-ActiveCare Primary - Employee Only





Net Monthly Salary after Insurance Premium Deduction (before taxes and other benefits)






Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is HPISD providing health insurance? 

A: Yes, HPISD offers all employees the opportunity to select health insurance through TRS ActiveCare which offers BCBS medical plans.


Q: What happens if I don’t enroll in the District’s health insurance plan? 

A: All full-time employees are receiving an additional $2,800 annually in their base salary to defray monthly health insurance premiums. If you don’t need health insurance, the $2,800 can be used for other benefits or used as an increase to your net pay. Essentially, the $2,800 is yours to use in whatever way works best for you and your family.


Q: What happens if I enroll in the District’s health insurance plan? 

A: You are covered for that plan year effective September 1st of each year through August 31st of the next year. Your monthly premium is deducted from your paychecks September through August, if you are a full-time employee. Substitutes and Part Time Seasonal employees can enroll in the medical plans if they work 10 or more hours per week. They would pay the full premium monthly by check.


Q: What is the benefit of the district health insurance contribution of $2,800 being included in my salary? 

A: First and foremost, it gives all full-time employees control of their money to use as they wish, whether it be for health insurance, other benefits, or as additional income.  Additionally, the additional salary raises your creditable compensation for TRS retirement calculations, which helps provide additional income to your retirement annuity.


Q: Am I taxed on the additional $2,800 that is added to my salary? 

A: It depends on how you use the funds.  If you use the $2,800 for health insurance premiums, then the money pre-tax, so you will not owe federal income tax in that scenario.  If you use the money as additional income, then the $2,800 will be taxed in the same way as the rest of your salary.