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Visitors to HPISD

Highland Park ISD welcomes visitors to each of its eight schools and district facilities. All visitors are required to first report to the campus main office to complete the visitor check-in process. This applies to parents, volunteers, social service workers, invited speakers, maintenance and repair persons not employed by the District, vendors, representatives of the news media, former students and any other visitors. Visitors must also check-out upon leaving the campus.

Visitors are required to display a driver's license or another form of identification containing the person's photograph issued by a governmental entity. Visitor information is stored in an electronic database for the sole purpose of school district security.

Visits to individual classrooms during instructional time shall be permitted only with the principal's and teacher's approval to give priority to instruction and eliminate disruptions to the classroom environment. In accordance with student privacy law, visitors are not permitted to take photographs or video recordings while visiting an HPISD school or facility without explicit permission as outlined in district policy.

View Board Policy related to visitor procedures, visit the districts Regulation Library here and select policy GKC.