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Criminal History Background Check Permission Forms: 
Anyone interested in observing in HPISD must complete a Criminal History Form for Volunteers as well as the Observation Request form. Once complete, please send originals to the Personnel department at 7015 Westchester Dr, Dallas TX 75205. 

HPISD employees are encouraged to discuss their concerns through informal measures with their Principals or supervisors.

Family Medical Leave Request Form:

Individuals who would like to FMLA Leave should complete the following forms and submit them to the Personnel Department.

Master's Degree Plan:

HPISD's Board Policy DMC (LOCAL)  requires each professional employee to have or earn a Master's Degree within the first seven years of employment.

A Master's Degree Plan is an outline of coursework that is required for the completion of a Master's degree. The degree plan is issued from the college/university and must be signed by a college/university advisor in order for it to be approved by the Personnel Department. The Master's degree must be within the education field. The Master's Degree Plan is due by March 1 of the teacher's second school year of employment with HPISD.

Master's Degree Plus Recognition Program (eligible to those hired in HPISD prior to July 1, 2017)

Requirements and instructions for the Master's Plus Recognition Program are included in the HPISD Employee Handbook.  Applications with official transcripts attached are accepted only between Oct. 1 and Nov. 30 of each school year and must be turned into the Personnel Department. 

Payroll Schedule Election: 

Due to IRS regulations, you must make written election to receive annualized compensation. If you fail to sign and return this form before you begin work each school year, the District will not annualize your compensation.