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Medication Policy/Forms

Prescription or non-prescription medication required by a student should be administered outside of school, if possible. Medications scheduled for administration three (3) times a day will not be given at school without a physician's written authorization. If a student requires medication to be given during school hours, a Medication Administration form must be completed and turned in to the campus nurse.  All prescription medications must be in the original, properly labeled containers. The pharmacy can supply two (2) labeled bottles for this purpose. Medication sent in baggies or unlabeled containers will not be given.
“Controlled” (Class II) medications must be brought to the clinic by a parent, guardian or responsible adult. Please do not send these medications to school with your child because of modern safety concerns. All controlled medications are counted by the school nurse and locked in a secure cabinet.
Over-the-Counter Medication:  HPISD policy does not permit our clinics to provide Tylenol, Advil, cough/cold meds or other OTC medications to students unless these are supplied from home.  These will need to be brought into the school clinic by a parent/guardian along with a Medication Administration form.    

Medications must be:

  • In the original, properly labeled container (no baggies or envelopes, please!).
  • Up to date (check the expiration date before bringing it to school), and
  • Age-appropriate in dosage.
Self-Medication: Only high school students will be permitted carry an over the counter remedy (such as a one-day dose of Tylenol, Aleve or Midol) after completing a Non-Prescription Medication form. This form requires a parent/guardian signature and should be turned in to the school nurse.