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Health Screenings

HPISD Health Staff will perform age-appropriate health screenings as designated by the Texas Department of State Health Services.  If you do not wish to have your child screened, you may substitute a professional examination by a licensed Health Care provider of your choice. Please contact your School Nurse for further instructions.
The results of these screenings may indicate that your child requires diagnostic evaluation beyond school capabilities.  The School Nurse will send a referral letter to students that require further evaluation by a licensed Health Care Provider.
Vision, Hearing, and Acanthosis Nicrigans are required screenings for grades - Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th graders. 
Scoliosis screenings are required for: 
 Girls: 10 years old (5th grade) and 12 years old (7th grade)
 Boys: 13 or 14 years old (8th grade)
All first-time entrants will be screened (Pre K - 12th grade).
See below for more information.
If you desire for your student (3rd - 8th grade) to opt-out of one or all of the required screenings, please return this form to your school nurse, along with documentation stating that your child has been screened by 1) a licensed healthcare professional within the past year OR 2) under the care of a physician; otherwise your student will be screened.   Affidavits for religious exemption(s) should be turned in to your school nurse.