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Level 1 Appeals

The Level 1 appeal shall be limited to sharing additional evidence that has not already been considered by the Campus Placement Committee.  Level 1 appeals are not conducted in face-to-face meetings. Level 1 Appeals may be submitted within 15 days from the day that the results are posted. Please use the link below to communicate your appeal to the Selection Committee.

Level One appeals are closed.

If you are appealing the Secondary TAG Wavier decision, use the link found on the Waiver Page.

Level 2 Appeals

If students and parents did not receive the relief requested in the TAG Placement Level One appeal, a Level Two appeal may be placed within 10 business days of the date the Level One decision was posted to Skyward. A Level Two appeal involves a conference with a committee as defined by Board Policy EHBB and shall be limited to the issues and documents considered at the Level One appeal. At the conference, the student or parent may only provide information concerning any documents or information relied upon by the Level One committee. Use the link below to communicate your Level Two appeal:

Level 2 Appeals are closed.