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Level 1 Appeals

The Level 1 appeal shall be limited to sharing additional evidence that was not generated at school.  Level 1 appeals are not conducted in face to face meetings. Level 1 Appeals may be submitted within 15 days from the time the complainant received information that gave rise to the complaint. Please use the link below to communicate your appeal to the Selection Committee.

Level 1 Appeal Form Elementary

Accepting appeals for Spring 2020 testing

Level 1 Appeal Form Secondary (Grades 5-8)

Accepting appeals for Spring 2020 testing

Level 2 Appeals

The Level 2 conference shall be limited to the issues, evidence, and documents considered at Level One. To appeal a Level 2  placement decision, please initiate the appeal within 10 days of receiving notification of denial of services.  Use the link below to communicate your appeal to the committee.

Level 2 Appeals serve the purpose of determining whether the original decision was:

  1.        In violation of constitutional or statutory provisions;
  2.        Made through an unlawful procedure;
  3.        Outside of the administration’s legal authority; or
  4.        Affected by other error of law.

At the Level 2 conference, the complaining party has the burden to prove that the Level 1 decision is clear error as described above. Therefore, the Level 2 administrator must presume that the Level 1 administrator’s decision was not clear error.

A Level 1 appeal focuses on the original decision. A Level 2 appeal focuses on the process through which the original decision was made.

Level 2 Appeal Form (All Grade Levels)

Accepting appeals for Spring 2020 testing