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TAG Waivers (Secondary only)

TAG Waivers are for high school students only (9th-12th grade) and must be renewed each year. All waivers must be completed the year before the class is requested. Therefore, current 8th-grade students in TAG services must complete the waiver in 8th grade for 9th-grade placement and so on.

There are two types of waivers:

1. Currently identified TAG students (current 8th-11th grades)- TAG students may complete a waiver to take courses outside of their current identification/placement. Example: a TAG math identified student who would like to take TAG English.

2. Non-identified TAG students (current 10th-11th graders)- students not identified in TAG services may complete a waiver to take TAG courses in 11th-12th grades only. Please note: the waiver would be completed during 10th/11th grades.

The High School Campus Selection Committee reviews waivers, current grades, and standardized test scores when determining approval. Students should show an achievement level in the 90th percent/percentile in MORE than one data point in order to qualify for a TAG Waiver. Completing a waiver does NOT mean the student will automatically be enrolled in TAG courses. Students who were approved for a waiver in a previous year are not guaranteed a waiver for any subsequent year. Waivers must be submitted annually.

TAG Waivers are now closed for the 2024-25 school year. They will open again in January of 2025.

TAG Waiver Appeal

Appeals are not conducted in face-to-face meetings. Appeals must be submitted within 15 days from the time the results are posted in Skyward. Please use the link below to communicate your appeal to the Selection Committee. Appeals must contain data that was not already considered. Refer to the TAG Waiver results to see the data that was considered.

TAG Waiver Appeals are closed.