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Athletic Training Students

All Highland Park High School students who show an interest in studying the medical field after high school graduation will find satisfaction in performing duties as an athletic training student. Additionally, students who may not be interested in medicine, but enjoy sports will enjoy learning basic first aid skills they can use for the rest of their lives. Athletic training students are normally able to take the 8th-period athletic class as a PE credit because of the physical nature of setting up and breaking down supplies for practices and games. A counselor will be able to help you determine if you are able to fit it into your class schedule. 
The extracurricular schedule can be demanding but is also incredibly rewarding. During the fall students will follow the approximate practice schedule of the varsity football team. First-year students normally work closely with their grade level football team in practices and games.  Once they gain a year of experience they normally move to varsity duty.  Exceptional students will have the option of moving up to varsity level games early if they show their ability and desire. All students are welcome to help with playoff games. When spring rolls around the students have the option of choosing a winter/spring sport to follow. During the spring students are only required to stay during the period and occasionally 10-15 minutes after depending on the day's events. We currently have students with girls soccer, baseball, and wrestling. We try to have fun while working hard and we do our best to accommodate our student's needs when scheduling conflicts arise.
Contact Kirk Kaps at [email protected] if you are interested in more information!
Doug Gibbins Sports Medicine Award
The Doug Gibbins Sports Medicine Award is given to athletic training students who are involved in the program for a minimum of three years. The students are required to maintain good academic standing during their entire involvement with the sports medicine program while also maintaining a positive perception in the community. The student will show dedication toward the sports teams they work with each year by working under the guidance of the athletic training staff to ensure each team's medical needs are met in practice and games as necessary. During Coach Gibbins time at Highland Park, he had multiple athletic training students go on to become doctors, physical therapists, nurses, and athletic trainers. Current HPISD Head Athletic Trainer Jay Harris was a student under Coach Gibbins supervision and returned to Highland Park after studying and working at Texas A&M.
The 2022 Doug Gibbins Sports Medicine Award winners (photographed below) are Sadie Mayo, Clark Turner, Ashi Dahiya and Andi Criswell.
Doug Gibbins award winners 2022
Past winners of the Doug Gibbins Sports Medicine Award
2017 Athletic Training Students Receive Their Football State Championship Rings!
2016 Football State Champion Athletic Training Students!