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Parent Access to Test Scores

Understanding Your Child's PSAT Score (Video) 
How to View Your PSAT Scores
 From This Website
Click on the links to the MAP videos below to get a better understanding about MAP Growth and the student MAP experience.
Viewing Student Assessment Results in Family Access
Parents may access their child's historical testing information for the following assessments through Skyward:
  • NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) - (Grades 2-8) 
Please click on the following guides for step-by-step instructions on how to access scores.
Viewing Student Assessment Results in Family Access
You now have the ability to access your child's testing history online through the Texas Education Agency's Assessment Management System. This website and your child's Unique Access Code (UAC) are noted at the bottom of your child's Student Report Card. Entering the access code and your child's date of birth here will provide access to testing history, including STAAR, TAKS, and TELPAS assessments, where applicable. 
Please make note of the access code as it is designed to stay with your child throughout his/her academic career. Additional information regarding the student portal can be found by visiting the TEA website provided above. 
Features of the TEA student portal:
  • Access to your child's assessment results over the course of his/her academic career
  • Compare your child's individual STAAR results to campus, district, and state averages
  • Examine your child's performance on STAAR reporting categories
  • Examine your child's performance on TELPAS in the areas of listening, speaking, writing, and reading (Note: Only Limited English Proficient students participate in TELPAS.)
Where do I find my child's access code?
  • In your child's portfolio within Skyward Family Access, on the bottom of the digital STAAR Report Card. 
  • Access codes are also available in Skyward using the directions below. 
Please click on the following guides for step-by-step instructions on how to access scores.
Please note that access code information is available for only those students who have previously tested in Highland Park ISD. Access code information will be received and posted in Skyward for 3rd grade students and students new to Highland Park ISD after scores are received for their first state testing opportunity in Highland Park ISD. 
If you have specific questions regarding your student's assessment results, please contact your child's campus directly.