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Doing Business with Highland Park ISD

Prospective Vendor:

Highland Park ISD, as well as all other school districts in the State of Texas, is governed by State of Texas competitive bid laws; therefore, the majority of our purchasing is done in one of two ways: 1) via purchasing cooperatives or, 2) via competitive sealed bids or proposals. The purpose and intent of this competitive process is to help public schools obtain the best products at the lowest practical prices in the best interest of the taxpayers by stimulating competition. Highland Park ISD is committed to fair and equal competition among all vendors.

Doing business with HPISD via a purchasing cooperative:

Since Highland Park ISD is a relatively small school district, we do the bulk of our purchasing using awarded vendors from purchasing cooperatives of which we are members. For the commodities covered in the purchasing cooperatives, vendors are strongly encouraged to participate in the competitive bidding process with those cooperativesThe list of cooperatives we are members of can be found by visiting the Purchasing Cooperatives page. Each cooperative has different requirements for submitting bids and it is the vendor’s sole responsibility to adhere to those requirements.

Doing business with HPISD via the competitive sealed bid or proposal process:

Step 1 – Fill out the HPISD interested vendor packet:
Completion of this packet does not add a vendor to the approved vendor list, but instead ensures that the vendor that desires to be a part of the bid process gets sent the appropriate invitation to bid or propose. Vendor approval status is based on the awarding of bids and proposals per the purchasing guidelines. Unless specifically requested, the District does not send bid packets via U.S. Mail. Vendors are informed by an email notification when a bid opportunity becomes available. Bid or Proposal specification documents are also posted on our website under Current Bids and Proposals.

Step 2 – Submit a Bid:
Highland Park ISD does not have an electronic bid system and has no way to receive bids electronically; this includes email. Paper bid submissions are preferred. All bids must be received in the Purchasing Department prior to the due date and time or they will be considered to be non-responsive. Bids received after the due date/time or faxed or emailed bids will not be accepted.

Step 3 – Receive an award notification:
Each particular bid contains instructions on how the bid will be evaluated and awarded. All of our procurements are evaluated and awarded in accordance with applicable state law. Maintain your bid numbers for reference when conducting business with the District. If you need additional information about a bid award, contact the person identified on the front page of each bid.

Step 4 – Receive a Purchase Order:
In accordance with District Policy, all purchasing commitments are communicated to you via a Purchase Order. Do not provide goods and/or services without a Purchase Order. The Purchase Order specifies what the District is committing to and ensures that funds are set aside to pay for such commitments.

Step 5 – Invoice the District:
After satisfactory delivery of the goods and/or services, send your invoice in one of three ways to the HPISD Accounts Payable Department.

  1. By email:
  2. By mail to Accounts Payable c/o Highland Park ISD, 7015 Westchester Drive, Dallas, TX 75205
  3. By fax to 214-780-3026
Please include the following items on your invoice document to ensure timely delivery of payment:
    • Company Name and Name of Contact
    • Remit to Address (where check is to be mailed)
    • Invoice Number
    • Invoice Date
    • Purchase Order Number
    • Ship to Information (where products or services were delivered)
    • Details of items shipped/services rendered
    • Total amount due

As an awarded vendor, it is very important that you make Highland Park ISD’s Purchasing Department aware of any changes in your contact information. The request for such changes must be in writing with an updated W-9 and may be sent either via U.S. mail to the above address, via fax to 214-780-3026, or via e-mail to In order to receive proper notifications of new bid opportunities, please keep your vendor information updated with current contact information.

Thank you for your interest in Highland Park ISD. We look forward to working with you and your company in the future.