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Purchasing Cooperatives

The Highland Park ISD's Board of Trustees have approved participation in the following purchasing cooperatives:

  • Allied States Purchasing Cooperative - Operated by Region 19 ESC
  • Buyboard - Operated by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB)
  • CP - Choice Partners Cooperative – Operated by the Harris County Department of Education
  • DIR - Texas Department of Information Resources – Operated by the State of Texas; for Technology items only.
  • NIPA – National IPA (formerly TCPN Texas Cooperative Purchasing Network)  - Many lead agencies make up this national cooperative including the City of Fort Worth, the City of Las Vegas, and Region 4 ESC, and many others.
  • NJPA - National Joint Powers Alliance
  • PACE - Purchasing Association of Cooperative Entities – Operated by Region 20 ESC
  • Region 18 ESC Purchasing Cooperative - Operated by the Region 18 ESC. For more information about being placed on the Region 18 bid list, contact John Burdsal at (432) 561-4335.
  • TxSmartBuy - Operated by the Texas State Comptroller's office.
  • TIPS - The Interlocal Purchasing System – Operated by Region 8 ESC
  • US Communities – The US Communities advisory board includes the City of Houston, the City of El Paso, and the City of Los Angeles, among others.

By becoming an awarded vendor through one of these Purchasing Cooperatives you assist HPISD and other school districts in complying with competitive purchasing laws and requirements. Vendors can then do business with HPISD and many other participating school districts in the State of Texas.