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Draft Only-Faith Based Visitation Guidelines

Faith-Based Visitation Structure and Guidelines
  • HPISD allows local faith-based leaders to visit with students who are already members of their faith-based organizations in grades 5-12.

  • HPISD allows these visits during campus lunch times provided each faith-based leader has completed the required criminal background check and has signed the HPISD guidelines linked below.

  • HPISD allows faith-based partners to visit with students whose parents have signed the digital parent authorization form found at the bottom of this page.
  • HPISD has designated Wednesday as the day to welcome our local faith-based leaders on campus during lunch times.

  • HPISD Board Policy Manual: GKC(REGULATION) 
HPISD Goals for Faith-Based Partnerships
  • Fostering an avenue for our students to connect with trusted adults who positively impact their well-being.

  • Connecting counselors with faith-based leaders who are also shouldering some of the well-being support for our students and families.

  • Involving faith-based leaders in PC Hope, helping to design and implement student well-being supports for the HPISD community.

  • Identifying members of their congregations who are the contact points for HPISD in times of crisis.

  • Supporting every HPISD student to be an inclusive, empathetic, resilient and engaged citizen of the global community. 
Click below to view the Frequently Asked Questions:
Click below to complete the Digital Parent Authorization Form to allow your child to visit with a faith-based leader at his/her school during the Wednesday lunch period.
Click below to download the visitation registration and guidelines: