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Mental Health Resources

Supporting a Child Through a Mental Health Crisis

A mental health crisis is formally defined as a time when there’s an imminent risk of a child hurting themselves or someone else. (Imminent means it’s likely to happen right now or soon.) A crisis might also be a time when you or other adults in the situation can’t help the child with their behavior and need help calming things down. If a child is in crisis, consider their safety and the safety of anyone else around. Find more information on mental health crises at Navigate Life Texas.

Texas Specific Mental Health Resources


Mental Health Organizations/Tools/Resources


Mental Health Wellness Websites


Mental Health First Aid USA

Mental Health America


Via HOPE Texas

***Via HOPE Texas Mental Health Resource

**Mental Health Transformation Community Collaborative Toolkit

National Council for Behavioral Health


Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)


National Empowerment Center


Latino/Minority Specific Resources


Suicide Prevention Websites/Resources