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Booster Clubs

Booster clubs are support organizations formed by parents to promote school participation in extracurricular activities or complement a particular student group. When students participate in extracurricular activities and programs, they enrich their education and expand their horizons. The Highland Park Independent School District greatly appreciates the time, effort, and financial support that the booster clubs provide to our students.

HP Wrestling: Tim Marzuola - [email protected]

HP Water Polo: Chris Cullen - [email protected] 



Academic Scots Lin Zou [email protected]
Highlander Band Booster Club Rachel Williams [email protected]
Laurie Kight [email protected]
HPHS Boys' Basketball Booster Club Jennifer Messer [email protected]
HPHS Highland Belle Booster Club Shannon Phillips (Director) [email protected]
Carrie Cothrum [email protected]
HPHS Cheerleaders & Scotsmen Booster Club Judee Barrett [email protected]
HPHS Varsity Football Booster Club Nicole Richter [email protected]
HPHS Choir Booster Club Jeanie Griswold [email protected]
[email protected]
Highlander Strings Booster Club Margarita Coale [email protected]
HPHS Lady Scots Soccer Booster Club Cissy Jones [email protected]
HPHS Men's Golf Booster Club ("Highland Park Men's Golf") Alison Muncy [email protected]
HPHS Theatre Booster Club Jessica Turner-Waugh [email protected]
Highland Park High School Katherine Lewis [email protected]
Highland Park Middle School Gretel Shipley [email protected]
McCulloch Intermediate School Courtney Gerstenhaber [email protected]
Armstrong Elementary Kasha Lee [email protected]
Boone Elementary Jamie O'Boyle [email protected]
Bradfield Elementary Laura McCallan [email protected]
Hyer Elementary Brooke Messer [email protected]
University Park Elementary Whitney Zapffe [email protected]
HP Arts Carrie Martinez [email protected]
HP Centennial Event Michaela Dyer [email protected]
HP Literary Festival Renne Lokey [email protected]
Kyle Huckaby [email protected]
HP Sports Club Chris Thomason [email protected]
Highland Park Education Foundation (HPEF) Meg Boyd [email protected]
Michael Denton Jr [email protected]
Park Cities Dads Club (PCDC) Scott Trulock (Board Member) [email protected]
Nick Peters (President) [email protected]
Park Cities Dads Club Golf Classic (PCDC) J.D. Robertson [email protected]
PCLDA Kelly Schorr [email protected]
[email protected]
PC-TAG Jen Munoz  
SEPAC Kristina Whitcomb [email protected]