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Budget Basics

A school district budget is divided into two main funds:

  • Maintenance and Operations sometimes called the M&O fund
  • Interest and Sinking sometimes called the I&S or debt service fund
Money in the maintenance and operations fund can be used for daily operations (i.e. salaries, supplies, utilities, etc.). Money in the interest and sinking fund is used to repay bonded indebtedness. School districts hold school bond elections to obtain authorization from local voters to sell bonds and collect taxes for the payment of the bonded indebtedness. Monies from the bond sale are used for construction and capital improvements to facilities and to buy furniture, equipment and/or to purchase land.

The money collected on the I&S side of the ledger cannot be used for maintenance and operations costs. In other words, you cannot use I&S funds to pay teacher salaries. It isn't legal in Texas.

Please follow the links below to view or print budgets and financial reports:

2024-25 Proposed & Adopted Budgets:
2023-24 Proposed & Adopted Budgets:
2022-23 Proposed & Adopted Budgets:
2021-22 Proposed & Adopted Budgets:
2020-21 Proposed & Adopted Budgets:
2019-20 Proposed & Adopted Budgets:
2018-19 Proposed & Adopted Budgets:
2017-18 Proposed & Adopted Budgets:

2016-17 Adopted Budget:

2015-16 Adopted Budget: