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HPISD Enrollment Q&A

Q: What are HPISD's enrollment policies?

A: Click here to view HPISD's enrollment policies FD(LEGAL) and FD(LOCAL). From this page, see the "Related Links" tab to view FD(REGULATION) for the definition of resides and other admissions information.


Q: What do I enter as the expected enrollment date?
A: If you are enrolling for the current year, please enter the date you expect your student to start. 
Online enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year opens February 6, 2023.  If you are enrolling your student for 2023-2024, please enter the start date of 8/15/23.


Q: How do I add another legal guardian who lives at another address?

A: To enter a second guardian living in a SEPARATE household, please click “Yes, I want to add a legal guardian who lives at a different address.”


Q: When I add another guardian and enter his/her primary telephone number, it overrides the current primary telephone number with his/her number. How can I correct this?
A: Skyward only allows one primary number per household.  Please decide which number you would like to list as your primary number.


Q: What documents will the district accept as a temporary substitute for documents required on the enrollment page? 

A:        For a deed:

If you have a signed, dated, executed contract for a residence, the campus will temporarily accept the contract until a closing statement or deed of trust or warranty deed can be submitted. You may redact the financial information, if you choose. A copy of the entire closing statement or deed is due to the campus the business day after the closing occurs. 

For a water or electric bill:

If you have not yet received a water or electric bill, campuses will temporarily accept a copy of your request for service to begin at the in-district address. A copy of the first bill is due to the campus within 30 days.

For a Texas driver’s license:

If you are new to Texas, please provide a copy of your current out-of-state driver’s license as a temporary substitute. A copy of your Texas driver’s license is due to the campus within 90 days.

If you are a current Texas resident, please provide a copy of your new Texas driver’s license with the address matching your residency documents. Campuses will temporarily accept a copy of the printout of your online Department of Public Safety (DPS) temporary license. A copy of your new permanent license is due to the campus within 30 days.

If obtaining your license requires an in-person DPS appointment that will occur after the due date to HPISD, please submit to the campus a copy of the email confirmation from DPS showing your scheduled appointment date and time. This document will allow a temporary extension of time for your submission.

For a social security card:

If you are missing your child’s social security card, please request a replacement at the Social Security Administration. The campus will temporarily accept a copy of the request for a replacement card.  A copy of the new card is due to the campus as soon as possible after you receive it.


Q: Why am I unable to view my incoming student's information after I submit his/her enrollment?
A: You will not be able to view your newly enrolled student’s information again until the campus has approved the student’s enrollment.

Q: What does the District mean by a “lease of reasonable duration?”
A: Any short-term lease must extend at least two months into the semester in order to meet the initial residency requirement. To remain after that time, new residency documents will be required. 

Q: Can I submit a cable or gas bill as part of my proof of residency?
A: No, HPISD can only accept a current water or electric bill as these reflect the most consistent usage.

Q: When is my student’s enrollment complete?
A: Enrollment is not complete until all documentation has been received and accepted by campus personnel.

Q: Whom do I call for enrollment support?
A: Please contact the campus office in which you are enrolling.