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Who should I contact with questions:

Ms. Polly McKeithen, [email protected], 214-780-4007 or Ms. Jill Lewis, [email protected]


What MAPS courses do you offer?

We offer two types of courses (which we call focus areas). The first type of focus areas we offer are composed of two courses which are combined together and taught by two teachers over two consecutive periods. These are

-Business Design and Leadership

-Engineering and Design

-Environmental Architecture

-Brain Science and Health


The second type of focus area is a single course offered by one teacher over one period. These focus areas are

-Modern Media

-Sports Analytics


You can learn much more about all of these focus areas by clicking Focus Areas 2024-2024 on the right. You can also read about our fantastic and talented teachers there as well.


How do I enroll?

For the first time, we are accepting early applications for the 2024-2025 school year.  The schedule and link to the application can be found by clicking Moody Advanced Professional Studies (MAPS) to the right.  Please come up and visit with us. We would love to show you around our fantastic space and share all of our extraordinary Focus Areas with you!


How will my application be evaluated?

Your application will be evaluated by an Admissions Team of experienced MAPS staff. Every application will be read by each member of the Admissions Team. Your GPA and Class Rank will not be considered in the application review. The Admissions Team is looking for applicants who have an active mind, express an interest in the program, and are excited about the subject matter.  One way to demonstrate interest in MAPS is to visit with us in person and apply early.


Are there prerequisites?

Most Focus Areas have prerequisites or corequisites. These can be found by clicking to the right on Focus Areas 2024-2025.


Is there a dress code?

To promote a professional and respectful image to our visiting experts and business professionals, there is a dress code for MAPS students on days that outside professionals are visiting the students’ class. While we are expecting the dress code to be a light business casual (i.e. khakis and a polo), the details will be decided in collaboration with the students in each Focus Area.


Will I need special technology for the class?

MAPS subscribes to the high school’s BOD policy. Tools and special equipment will be provided in the MAPS facility but must be used and remain in the MAPS class area. 


What are the course hours?

The specific times of each Focus Area will be determined by the High School Administration.


Are there class fees?

Each MAPS course has a class fee to cover supplies and field trips:

-Brain Science and Health - $100

-Business Design and Leadership- $50

-Engineering Design- $100

-Environmental Architecture- $100

-Modern Media- $100

-Sports Analytics-$50


How will colleges know what MAPS is?

The Highland Park High School Counselors are very familiar with MAPS and each of the Focus Areas. There is a course description on the school website detailing the Focus Areas and rigor of the MAPS program so that college admissions teams will recognize the strength and uniqueness of our program.


How is the MAPS class weighted?

It is important to know that although the Focus Areas are blended in instruction, they are separate courses on your transcripts. Focus Areas are not weighted by themselves.  Rather, they are an average of the weights for the courses which make up each Focus Area.  


If I change my mind, can I drop MAPS?

The classes that are involved in the MAPS Focus Areas have been combined specifically for MAPS. Therefore students that leave the program after the first semester will potentially lose 2 credits, as each Focus Area is a combination of two course credits. We are asking students to strongly consider this prior to applying. There will be no level change or drop after the first 6 days of the course.