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Focus Areas

Brain Science and Health

For grades 11, 12


Brain Science is rapidly expanding our understanding of the mind and its connection to the well-being of our bodies. Learn from teachers and professionals working at the forefront of the medical, psychological and biotech worlds.  Fee $100

  •    MAPS AP Psychology (1 credit)
  •    MAPS Biotechnology (1 credit)


Business Design and Leadership

For grades 11, 12


Develop your business and economic skills in this exciting focus area. Along the way, you will create your own business by working through the full entrepreneurial experience culminating in “Scots Tank”. Fee $50

  •    AP Microeconomics (.5 credit)
  •    Adv. Econ. Studies (.5 credit)
  •    Entrepreneurship (1 credit)


Engineering Design

For grades 11, 12


Gain the necessary skills to bring to life innovative human-centered engineering designs. Learn engineering and design principles through a variety of creative real-world design and build challenges provided by your instructors and industry experts.  Fee $100

  •    MAPS Engineering Design and Presentation (1 credit)
  •    MAPS Graphic Design and Illustration (1 credit)


Environmental Architecture 

For grades 11, 12


Environmental Architecture

Modern architecture and environmental science are increasingly interconnected today. Learn and apply new skills to produce engaging architectural designs that integrate science-based environmental principles. Fee $100

  •    AP Environmental Science (1 credit)
  •    Architecture Design (1 credit)


New Single-Course Focus Areas


Modern Media

Media in all its various forms surrounds and influences us on a daily basis. Gain the knowledge necessary to interpret and contextualize the many messages contained within the vast array of digital media sources while also obtaining the hands-on experiences required to produce clear, well sourced, and informative media messages using today’s technology. Fee $100

  •    MAPS Honors Digital Design and Media Production (1 credit)


Sports Analytics

Gain critical skills in statistical and data analysis to address a wide range of fascinating questions and challenges drawn from the sports industry. Complete projects analyzing player and team performance across a number of sports. Professional experts will provide fascinating real world case studies.  Fee $50

  •    MAPS Statistics (1 credit)