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HPISD Sounding Board

HPISD's Sounding Board for Inclusive and Respectful Schools met Sept. 20 for the first time this school year. The group, made up of parents, students, HPISD staff and community members provides regular feedback to district administrators on issues relating to HPISD's climate and culture. The sounding board will meet throughout the year to highlight progress and discuss areas of concern.
Sounding Board members who have volunteered their time include:
  • Stacy Feinstein
  • Matt Griffin
  • Jessica Griffin
  • Sana Kheiri
  • Emily Helm
  • Suzie Curnes
  • Jessica Barnett
  • Natalie Greco
  • Deanna Crusius
  • Loh-Sze Leung
  • Ting Cai
  • Linh Matthews
  • Parul Harsora
  • Jae Ellis
  • Jamie Callahan
  • Meagan Meredith
  • Amy Thornton
  • Jennifer Eppler
  • Kristi Clark
  • Brett Sanders
  • Carolyn Andrade
  • Janet Adams
  • Karen Bunsen
  • Brian Rosen
  • Justine Choi