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Highland Park Independent School District has given considerable time, thought and effort to improve how students and staff feel welcomed, included and respected at all of our schools. Task forces, made up of parents, students and staff, were created to study the following:
1) how students and staff learn about understanding and valuing diversity 
2) the district’s current climate and culture
3) district policies and procedures

Thoughtful response from our students, staff and community are important in finding ways for every student, every day to feel welcomed, included, and respected in HPISD. The collective wisdom in this community makes us better and stronger as a school district and provides excellent ideas for continuous improvement.

Prior to the 2017-18 school year, all district administrators were updated regarding the work/feedback from each of the task forces.

In addition,

  • Every HPISD staff member was given an opportunity to learn what steps have been taken and was also given an opportunity to provide additional feedback.
  • HPISD Board of Trustees annually approve the student code of conduct, which includes strengthened language related to the mistreatment of others.
  • HPISD's statement of nondiscrimination is included in every student handbook.  The statement is also included in the district handbook that is posted online.
  • An anti-bullying guide is provided to each campus administrator.
  • All staff members are trained once a year on how to recognize and handle bullying behavior.
  • HPISD uses Safe2SpeakUp for anonymous reporting of bullying and other incidents.

As a school district, we will always remain committed to having a safe environment based upon mutual respect for all students entrusted in our care.
To continue this effort, Highland Park ISD has created a Sounding Board made up of parents and community members to provide regular feedback to district administrators on issues relating to our climate and culture. The group meets throughout the year to highlight progress and discuss areas of concern. Learn more about the committee here.