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Special Olympics

Highland Park ISD - Special Olympics Information

Eligibility:  Students ages 8-22 that have intellectual disabilities and/or “functional limitations in both general learning and adaptive skills.”  “Developmental disability is the term most often used to describe persons with both limitations.” (2006 SO Texas SIG)

Sports Offered:  Bowling (Fall), Basketball (Winter), Track and Field (Spring), Tennis (Spring), Soccer (Spring), and Aquatics (Summer).

  • Bowling - Individual, ramp, and team bowling
  • Basketball - Individual skills and team competition (younger 8-14, and older 15 & up)
  • Track and Field - Running, walking, throwing, and races for students in wheelchairs are a few examples of athletic events.
  • Aquatics - Various races using proper strokes
  • Tennis - Individual skills competition, singles, and doubles
  • Soccer - Team competition

Volunteer Opportunities:

For Highland Park ISD Special Olympics Volunteer Opportunities contact Hannah Reynolds at [email protected]

For General Special Olympics volunteer opportunities visit

Contact Information:

Hannah Reynolds - Head of Delegation