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Eligibility for the Preschool program is limited to HPISD residents in the following three pathways for students to participate:


1) Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) students

  • Students with identified disabilities who are aged 3 and 4 by September 1st. Students in the ECSE program for whom a full day is not appropriate may be assigned adjusted hours through their ARD (Admission, Review, and Dismissal) committee.

2) Pre-K Eligible students

  • Students meeting criteria for at least one of the state Preschool eligibility criteria (Including English as a Second Language-ESL).

 3) Tuition-based Peer Models

  • Students who participate as tuition-based students.


For tuition-based students, tuition costs $9,500 per year to cover costs associated with staffing. This price is still considerably lower than most Preschool programs in the area but space is limited.  


Students who are 3 or 4 years old on or before September 1, 2024, are eligible for consideration for the HPISD Preschool program. Any student who is age-eligible for Kindergarten is not eligible to attend through the tuition-based or Preschool eligible pathways. HPISD residents are encouraged to sign their child up for the Preschool waitlist in advance of their third birthday. See the link below.



ECSE Students:

Parents who suspect their child has a disability and might qualify for the ECSE portion of the program should contact Cynthia Marlow Gould. A special education evaluation is required to determine eligibility for services and then an ARD (Admission, Review and Dismissal) committee meeting is held to determine if participation in the ECSE program is required.


Pre-K Eligible Students:

Parents who have a student who meets at least one of the Texas Education Agency Eligibility guidelines for Preschool participation should contact Cynthia Marlow Gould.  The eligibility guidelines can be found online here. Please note that the district may require specific documentation or testing of the student (in the case of ESL) to verify the student is eligible.


Tuition-based Peer Model Students:

Parents interested in securing a slot for their 3 or 4-year-old child in the tuition-based preschool program may contact Cynthia Marlow Gould for additional information regarding the waitlist. Please note that although there is no deadline for adding a child to the waitlist, there is usually high demand for participation in the tuition-based Preschool. Parents are encouraged to express interest early by adding their child’s name to the waitlist. Students who are offered a class placement through the tuition-based pathway will receive notification no later than February 1, 2024.


Preschool Program Highlights:

  • Armstrong Elementary, Boone Elementary, Bradfield Elementary, Hyer Elementary, and University Park Elementary School have Preschool classrooms for 24-25.
  • Full enrollment classrooms are staffed with a certified teacher and two instructional assistants.
  • Currently, all Preschool eligible students who are eligible through the ESL program attend University Park Elementary School.

2024-25 HPISD Prekindergarten Handbook and Guidelines

2024-25 TEA Prekindergarten Guidelines