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2019-20 Teachers of the Year

Teachers of the Year
The 2019-20 Teachers of the Year are:
  • University Park - Priscilla Hazen
  • Armstrong - Christy Rosenfeld
  • Hyer - Cody Taliaferro
  • HPHS - Maria Carmen Moises Garcia
  • Bradfield - Katie Keffer
  • MIS - Marianne Wessman
  • HPMS - Sylvia Bearden
Each year at HPISD’s annual Convocation, we honor our campus Teachers of the Year with a series of highlight videos. Being able to hear first-hand accounts about their calling to teach is a perfect way to kick off the school year. This year we followed up with a "thank you" video from their students. Check out the videos below to hear, in their own words, why they love teaching in HPISD.
Armstrong Teacher of the Year - Christy Rosenfeld
Bradfield Teacher of the Year - Katie Keffer
Hyer Teacher of the Year - Cody Taliaferro
University Park Teacher of the Year - Priscilla Hazen
HPMS Teacher of the Year - Sylvia Bearden
MIS Teacher of the Year - Marianne Wessman
HPHS Teacher of the Year - Maria Carmen Moises Garcia
2019-20 Teacher of the Year - Student Thank You