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Spending Limit FAQ

To assist parents who desire to set a spending limit on their child’s cafeteria account we would like to share the following FAQ to help guide you through the process.
Am I able to set a spending limit on my child’s account?
Yes, you may set a dollar limit on your child’s, which will be the maximum dollar amount they are able to spend on their cafeteria account daily.
What should I consider when setting a spending limit on my child’s account?
All items in our cafeterias are sold a la carte, other than the K-1st Grade set lunch plate. Each a la carte item has a set price that will help assist you in determining the spending limit you would like to set on your child’s account. This is a great time to discuss with your child what they would normally eat in a day, to help determine the spending limit.
Where and how do I set a spending limit on my child’s account?
You will set the spending limit in your child’s Skyward Food Service account. Once you have logged in to the food service account, in the upper right corner there is a “Set Spending Limit” tab. Click the tab, then set the dollar amount you would like on your child’s account. If you have more than one child you may set all your children’s limits at this one time.
Now that I’ve set a spending limit on my child’s account, what should I do?
You should be set, although you may take time to check with the campus in which your child is enrolled that the spending limit is showing on the account and this is a great time to let your child know their spending limit, so it’s not a surprise when they purchase their first meal of the year.
Once the spending limit is set, can it be changed during the school year?
Yes, the spending limits are accessible to you at any time during the school year, if you’d like to make adjustments. Please note that the spending limit will stand on a student’s account throughout the school year unless you as the parent change it. Please be aware though that managers at the individual campuses handle spending limits differently at the end of the school year. I would encourage you to check with the cafeteria manager where your child is enrolled to see if they clear spending limits on student accounts each year or they let the spending limits roll from year to year.