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Meal Assistance Program Policy & Application

HPISD Cafeteria Income Need Meal Assistance Program Policy

The cafeterias of Highland Park ISD are owned and operated by their respective PTA.  No federal funds are accepted for their student meal service operation. Any breakfast or lunch assistance given to a Highland Park ISD student is a gift to the student from the Cafeteria PTA campus in which the student is attending. Funding for the Meal Assistance Program is done independently at each campus through parent donation or outside funding. The Cafeteria Meal Assistance Program will be comprised of two separate entities: the cafeteria meal assistance committee and the cafeteria meal assistance team. The Cafeteria Meal Assistance Committee (PTA cafeteria finance members and campus principal) will make all decisions on the amount of money to be used each year for the meal assistance. The Meal Assistance Team (campus principal/s, campus designated representative and campus food service manager/s) will make all decisions based on the submitted application of a student’s eligibility for the lunch assistance program. The Campus Cafeteria Meal Assistance Team will notify the Campus Cafeteria Meal Assistance Committee of those students found eligible for assistance and the student’s required need (free or reduced) which in turn the committee will fund the child’s Food Service account for either free or reduced-price lunches in the cafeteria.

Meal Assistance Program Request forms will be reviewed by the team who will communicate to the committee the required need and a decision will be based on available meal assistance funds and the family income guidelines (based on the Texas School Lunch/School Breakfast Program Income Guidelines) for the school year. All student cafeteria meal assistance decisions made by the Cafeteria Meal Assistance Team will be final. 

If your child is found eligible for a free breakfast or lunch, he/she will be able to purchase a basic entrée option meal only (entrée or sandwich, fruit/vegetable, milk or juice) with a maximum limit of $4.50/lunch meal at Elementary Campuses and a maximum limit of $6.00 at Secondary Campuses, with no charge to the student.  If your child qualifies for a reduced meal, he/she will be able to purchase a basic entrée option meal only (entrée or sandwich, fruit/vegetable, milk or juice) with a limit of $4.50/meal (elementary) and $6.00 (secondary), although the student’s meal charge responsibility for the reduced eligibility meal will be $2.25/meal (elementary) and $2.75 (secondary). The money will be placed into the child’s Skyward account with a limit for the either free or reduced rate, based on determined eligibility.

Assistance Application Process


The attached application below must be completed by the legal guardian of the student requesting funds and submitted to:


Lynn Prichard

Director of Food Services

214-780-3025 office
214-780-4019 fax


The application will be forwarded to the appropriate campus(es) in which your child is attending after a determination of eligibility has been made. Assistance will be provided after appropriate eligibility has been determined. A decision will be made in as timely of a manner as possible and the parent will be notified of the application eligibility decision. Your eligibility may be checked at any time during the school year to determine the need for continued assistance. If your income situation changes, the school should be notified immediately. Verification of income should be attached to your application (i.e. past income tax return, two months of paycheck stubs, a letter from your employer stating yearly or monthly income). School officials may ask you to provide additional documentation if needed.


**If there is a temporary need that is not addressed adequately through this process, you may contact your campus administrator for possible assistance.