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Brand Guidelines


Highland Park Independent School District's branding guidelines serve as a resource for adhering to best practices in written and visual communication to maintain a consistent and professional image.

Guidelines for both written and visual communication provide clear direction on creating communications that align with HPISD's brand values and mission. In visual communication, specific colors, typography, and imagery are outlined, while templates are provided for creating branded presentations. Written communication guidelines focus on establishing a consistent tone and voice that reflects the district's brand values and mission, offering guidance on writing and providing rules for grammar and punctuation.

Adhering to these guidelines is essential for ensuring that HPISD's communications are professional, consistent, and reflective of the district's values and mission.

Click the button below to access the Highland Park ISD's Brand Guidelines.

Brand Guide
The brand guide is a compendium of district best practices and resources to help staff, parents and community partners visually communicate the HPISD brand.
Presentations serve as a first impression when sharing information with an audience. They enhance brand cohesion when communicating important information with a wide audience.
Email Signatures
The branded email signature serves as a digital business card that helps build brand awareness along with communicating an individual's role and contact information within HPISD.
Photography and videography help capture the personality and culture of the HPISD brand. Showcasing our campus features and reminding people of the district's traditions and the individuals that both Enter to Learn and Go Forth to Serve.
Having a well-maintained logo identity is important for HPISD to establish a distinct brand identity and create a lasting impression on the community it serves. Consistently maintaining the logo identity can help to build trust, credibility and pride in the community.
Editorial Style Guide
HPISD's editorial style guide provides a set of guidelines for ensuring consistency and clarity in the district's communications. The style guide includes guidelines for writing, editing and formatting various types of content.