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HPISD Mission

The Highland Park Independent School District, grounded in an unyielding commitment to tradition, excellence, community, and integrity, provides an unrivaled and well-rounded education in academics, athletics, arts, and service, equipping all students to be citizen leaders and lifelong learners.
Highland Park ISD will be the preeminent public school district in Texas and the heart and soul of the Park Cities. HP Scots will be honorable in conduct, devoted to scholarship, and charitable to all.
We believe:
  • The best interests of students must be at the center of all decision-making.
  • Sustained excellence comes only through seeking continuous improvement.
  • Education is a cooperative endeavor between schools, parents, and community, requiring effective collaboration and transparent communication amongst all stakeholders."The spirit of a people is disclosed by the education of its youth."
  • "Good citizenship requires a well-rounded development" with a balanced emphasis on academics, arts, athletics, and service. We believe an excellent education provides foundational knowledge, stimulates intellectual curiosity, cultivates critical thinking, fosters growth through academic challenge, and develops capacity for both sustained individual effort and productive collaboration.
  • An excellent education instills habits of personal responsibility and integrity in academic work and personal conduct.
  • Faculty and staff who are passionate about students, experts in their field, and committed to continuous improvement are essential to providing an excellent education and must be equipped and supported through competitive compensation, targeted professional development, and effective evaluation.
  • All district resources should be used efficiently and effectively to accomplish our mission and goals, addressing both present needs and long-term sustainability.
Strategic Objectives
  • Increase academic growth and mastery in all content areas.
  • Provide a well-rounded offering of arts and extracurricular activities that enhance the development of character and community.
  • Protect the physical and emotional well-being and safety of students.
  • Improve the culture and retention of current staff while recruiting exemplary new hires.
  • Ensure competitive compensation and benefits for staff.
  • Invest in staff development and continuous improvement.
  • Improve parent and community satisfaction.
  • Strategically leverage and engage with community partners.
  • Optimize annual operating resources to meet district priorities.
  • Implement a long term plan to strategically manage facilities and assets to support student experiences.
  • Facilitate strategic alignment and deployment of community raised funds to meet district priorities.