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HPISD PEC will host one-time showing of the film, “Brainious.”

This is a two-hour program 4-6 p.m., including a live Q&A session before and after the documentary with local expert, Jessica Trudeau, from Momentus Institute.
We know as a fact that the way we "feed" a child's brain shapes it, but what do we know about the kind of experiences that are helpful to grow a healthy young brain? Brainious is a film that shares useful neuro-knowledge for parents and educators in order to help children thrive and reach their full potential.

From understanding emotions with the brain in mind to the importance of secure attachment, mindset and how to improve focus and learning abilities, Brainious covers a broad spectrum of subjects. If you really want to understand what shapes children's brains and how to provide healthy experiences for young minds to grow in, this documentary is a must-see. 

In collaboration with many bright minds: Allan Schore, Dan Siegel, Tina Payne Bryson, Carol Dweck, Matthieu Ricard, and Susan Kaiser Greenland and featuring the work of Momentous Institute and several other incredible agencies.

The Momentous Institute is devoted to children achieving their full potential and after 98 years of doing work, we can say with confidence that strong social-emotional health is a powerful lever toward that end. We define social-emotional health as the capacity to understand and manage our emotions, reactions and relationships.