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Instructional Materials Reconsideration Committee Interest Form Available

Per EF (LOCAL), in the event that a book or other instructional resource is challenged, a reconsideration committee will be convened to review the resource and determine whether it should remain in use. Each time there is a need for a reconsideration committee, members will be randomly selected from the list of volunteers in accordance with administrative regulations.

Each reconsideration committee shall consist of at least seven members. The chair shall be a District-level administrator and a non-voting member. The remaining committee members shall consist of an equal number of District staff and parents who are not employed by the District.

Parents/Guardians who serve on a reconsideration committee shall have students enrolled at campuses with the grade level in which the challenged instructional resource is being used.

Committee members can choose to remove themselves from the list of volunteers at any time. The administration will work to accommodate the schedules of committee members. If you have any questions, please contact Deputy Superintendent Dr. Shorr Heathcote at [email protected].

To submit an interest form, click here.