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Highland Park Math and Science teams win 6A Sweepstakes at TMSCA State Meet

Highland Park Math and Science teams secured a victory at the Texas Math and Science Coaches Association State Meet on Saturday, March 18 winning 6A Sweepstakes with the highest combined scores among all competing schools. The team of Michelle Xing, Andrew Li, Luke Ting, and Ryan Dong took the first-place in the Math Team competition, while the Science Team competition saw Luke Ting, Michelle Xing, Ryan Dong, and David Guo secured first-place as well.

Individual students from Highland Park also earned notable achievements across different grade levels. Michelle Xing, in the 12th grade division, emerged as the third-place winner in Number Sense, sixth in Calculator, and first in both Math and Science, along with being named Top Gun in her grade. Michelle also received a $1500 scholarship from TMSCA.

In the 11th grade division, Luke Ting secured second-place in Math and first in Science, with the top score in Biology. Ryan Dong won fourth-place in Math, second in Science, and the top score in Physics, while Richard Li secured fifth-place in Science.

In the 10th grade division, David Guo took first-place in Science, and Andrew Li secured second-place in Number Sense and Math, sixth in Science, and Top Gun in his grade. Yiyoung Liu secured second-place in Science, fifth in Number Sense and Math, while Spencer Luu won third place in Calculator, and Vemula Lakshmi won fourth-place in Number Sense, sixth in Calculator and Math. Thomas Hopper secured fourth-place in Science.

Henry Zhu won first-place in Number Sense, fourth in Calculator, first in Math and Science, and Top Gun in his grade, in the 9th grade division.