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Meet University Park Teacher of the Year, Amanda Anderson

The year prior to being named Teacher of the Year was a big adjustment for Amanda Anderson as she transitioned from teaching fourth-grade students to kindergartners. Undeterred by the change, Amanda has continued to excel as an educator who is able to help her students grow as learners. She truly inspires a love of learning in her students.
When University Park Principal Candi Judd was asked what makes Anderson shine, Judd said, “Amanda Anderson makes learning come to life. Her positivity and passion for teaching are contagious.”
For Anderson, learning was something that did not come easy for her as she was growing up. Being diagnosed with a reading disability meant that Anderson would have to work harder for her education.
When asked how her experiences have shaped her instruction, Anderson said “I didn’t feel like the (education) system was designed for kids who learned as I did. I truly think that all students are capable of learning at a high level. They might not all learn the same way but they are all capable.”
Congratulations to Amanda Anderson for being named the 2022-23 University Park Teacher of the Year.
Click here to view Amanda Anderson's Teacher of the Year video.