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World Teacher Appreciation Day, Oct. 5

HP students, staff, parents, and community members are encouraged to wear light blue on Monday, Oct. 5, to honor and celebrate our excellent teachers as part of World Teacher Appreciation Day. This year’s theme, “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future,” speaks directly to how HP teachers have tackled the numerous challenges of dealing with a pandemic and working to educate our children. HP teachers have been a critical part of the decision-making process in HPISD’s crisis response to COVID-19. From the challenges of remote learning last spring to reopening efforts this fall, HP teachers have shown resilience, but let’s be honest: the hours have been long. Teachers have gone the extra mile to learn new systems, new software, new education tools, and they continue to teach both in-person and remote classrooms. HP teachers have demonstrated that together we can do virtually anything.


Now more than ever, teachers deserve our thanks and support. What can you do to help thank an HP teacher?

  • Wear light blue--and have your student wear light blue--on Monday, Oct. 5
  • Write a note of thanks and send it to a teacher
  • Post a note of encouragement on social media


Thank you, HPISD Teachers!