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October is National Principals Month

Principals are entrusted with our most valuable resource – the children of our community. Through their shared visionary leadership and commitment to every student every day, Highland Park ISD principals are educational leaders, community builders, budget analysts and guardians of effectively managing our schools.

National Principals Month serves as an opportunity for HPISD to honor the dedication of our campus leaders and thank them for the leadership they provide to our school communities, particularly during the past several months as the district navigated the numerous challenges of COVID-19. “Now more than ever, we need to express gratitude to our principals,” Superintendent Dr. Tom Trigg said. “They have had so much on their plates since spring break, all of our staff has, but as the instructional leaders of our schools their responsibilities have grown exponentially and they’ve tackled everything admirably.”

The Board of Trustees joined hundreds of school district’s across the country in passing a proclamation designating October 2020 as Principal Appreciation Month in HPISD. “Our principals work tirelessly to set expectations, maintain high academic standards, and meet the needs of our students and families,” Board President Jim Hitzelberger said. “They are positive role models for students, staff, and the community with a high level of energy even during these challenging times and we want to thank them now more than ever.”

HPISD will celebrate Principals Month throughout October and community members are encouraged to join the district by sending a note of thanks to your child’s principal, thanking them for all that they do to help students be successful.