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Plans for 2020-21 school year becoming clearer

TEA will allow in-person instruction in our schools, and will require school districts to provide online instruction to students if parents choose that option. While these guidelines are subject to change should conditions warrant, they provide the information we need to continue planning for the start of school.
Below are some key points for parents to know, as of July 8:
•      In-person instruction will be offered to all students at all campuses in Highland Park ISD beginning Thursday, August 20. Parents may choose, however, for their children to receive online instruction.
•      Should parents choose this option, the online (virtual) instruction model will be more robust than what was offered this past spring.
•      HPISD has a committee that is continuing to develop a comprehensive plan for re-opening school, which will take into consideration the new guidelines from TEA. This plan will include more detailed information for parents before making a commitment for their child(ren) to attend either in-person or virtual instruction.
•      Parents will need to make a commitment as to which option they prefer (in-person or virtual) for their child 2 weeks prior to the start of school. Students will be able to change options at the end of each grading period. HPISD will send out more information regarding commitments prior to the beginning of school.
•      To reduce the spread of the coronavirus, HPISD will follow the state’s guidance on facial coverings, social distancing and health precautions, including but not limited to pre-screening staff and students, more frequent cleaning of facilities, required hand-washings and the availability of hand sanitizer in every classroom.
•      To assist with planning purposes, HPISD will send out a pulse survey this week to parents to gauge their current intentions for their children during the 2020-21 school year.
Please continue to enjoy your summer, and stay healthy and safe. Thank you.