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School counselors are making a difference in HPISD

This recognition week is sponsored by the American School Counselor Association and highlights the contributions and dedication of school counselors from our nation’s school systems. School counselors play an essential role in developing the whole child for academic, career and personal success. 

At the January school board meeting, HPISD Trustees paid tribute to its school counselors through a proclamation. The HP counseling staff is focused on helping our students define their strengths and abilities as they prepare for their educational and career development. They are certified educators with a master’s degree in guidance and counseling. Their training and experience is critical to the planning for students as they set personal goals for their futures. 

Our counseling staff is listed below:

Highland Park High School
Mindy McMinn, Lead Counselor
Dr. Candice Conner, Personal Counselor
Carolyn James
Taryn Knott
Jon Mamula
Stacey McNeely
Dr. Thiago Oliveira
Ronny Winford

high school counselors

Highland Park Middle School and McCulloch Intermediate School
Janet Adams
Christen Armer
Margaret Arnold
Joyce Burress

middle school counselors

Armstrong Elementary School
Dave Ray

Bradfield Elementary School
Lana Raley

Hyer Elementary School
Linde Thompson

University Park Elementary School
Leslie Beckler
elementary counselors