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More officers coming to HPISD

There will be a larger police presence in and around HPISD schools, thanks to the Town of Highland Park and the City of University Park. Both municipalities are providing resources to fund a total of four additional officers to support campuses throughout the school district, particularly during times of student arrival and dismissal. The net effect will be safer campuses for students in Highland Park ISD.
"This commitment to the safety of HPISD students from both the Town of HP and the City of UP once again shows how fortunate all of us are to live in the Park Cities," HPISD Board President Jim Hitzelberger said. "The additional officers will be a significant boost to our efforts to ensure school safety."
The Town of Highland Park has agreed to provide enough funds directly to HPISD so that the district may hire two additional uniformed district police officers. These officers will serve the campuses of Armstrong and Bradfield, including student arrival and dismissal times, to create a safety partnership so that students can continue to focus on learning. 

 The Town is also providing, at no cost, two patrol vehicles for district officers' use.
Likewise, by agreement, the City of University Park will hire two additional police officers who will be assigned to the campuses of Hyer and University Park during arrival and dismissal times. During the rest of the day, the officers will supplement patrol shifts and answer service calls in the City of University Park.
The City will also hire an additional sergeant to oversee the UPPD School Resource Officer Unit, which has provided officers to the McCulloch Intermediate School, Highland Park Middle School and Highland Park High School campuses for years. The Town, City and HPISD officials enjoy a unique collaborative partnership that does not always occur in other communities. Going forward, as the district opens Boone Elementary School in August, provisions will be made to ensure officer presence at all campuses.
"Quality education is a cornerstone in all outstanding communities," University Park Mayor Olin Burnett Lane, Jr. said. "When students and staff don't feel safe and secure, top-flight instruction is at risk. The City's decision to form and fund a full-time UPPD School Resource Officer Unit, coupled with similar steps the Town of Highland Park has authorized, is a further illustration of our shared determination."
"There is no line between Town, City and District when it comes to the safety and well-being of our school children," Town of Highland Park Mayor Margo Goodwin said. "We are pleased to continue our partnership for student safety."
"We are grateful to have the opportunity to partner with both the Town and the City where it concerns the safety of our schools," Highland Park ISD Superintendent Dr. Tom Trigg said. "The four additional officers will further ensure a secure environment for our students and staff members every day."