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Voluntary Transfer Request for 2020-2021 School Year

Before completing the form, please read the excerpts from Board Policy FDB(LOCAL) below relating to transfers requested during the first year of implementing new attendance zones. A District committee will review the request and the parent will be notified of the decision via email and U.S. mail.

“Attendance boundaries for each elementary school shall be specified by the Board.  Each elementary student in the District shall enroll in the elementary school in his or her area.”

“During the first year of implementing new attendance zones, all intradistrict transfers shall be suspended with the following limited exceptions: 1. Students who are victims of bullying or students who engage in bullying, or other situations specified by law; 2. Students who require a special program placement only offered at another campus; 3. Students who are grandfathered by entering their last year on a campus…; 4. Students who have been approved for voluntary intradistrict transfers two years in a row….; 5. Students who are involuntary transfers to a nonattendance zone campus; 6. Students with other extraordinary and compelling circumstances.”

“In all instances, the effect of the prospective transfer on the respective class sizes shall be considered in making a decision.”

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