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Balto's Baristas

Balto's Baristas at Hyer Elementary serves up warm smiles and hot coffee thanks to generous donations from the Hyer PTA gift committee.

Balto's Baristas is a weekly coffee cart run by the Hyer Structure and LIFT classes. Students learn social skills by taking orders and delivering coffee. They learn functional and vocational skills through assembling orders, sorting items, and collecting money and making change. They learn how to work in small groups to prepare orders and as a whole group to deliver orders. 
Each week two different groups of teachers - grade levels, specials teachers, or administrators - are able to choose from regular coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate or a rotating specialty coffee. The students feel pride and a sense of purpose while deepening the community of the Hyer campus. The teachers love interacting with the students and are always excited when it is their week for coffee.