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Profile of the Educator for the Future

HPISD has a history of both academic excellence and educational innovation. In mapping out our path for the future, district leaders created a snapshot of the characteristics that will be valuable for the Educator for the Future. 

In 2012, HPISD introduced the profile of HPISD’s Learner for the Future to articulate the knowledge, skills, attributes, and dispositions our students will need to become accomplished people and lifelong learners.

Building on that work, our district design team created the profile of the Educator for the Future to identify the skills our educators will need in order to support our students.

Our educator for the future inspires each learner to develop the knowledge, skills, attributes, & dispositions to be an accomplished person & an engaged citizen.  

The Highland Park ISD educator is:

The educators pictured above are real HPISD teachers. They represent all of us in HPISD who strive to create a nurturing, educational environment for our students.

HPISD would like to thank the following design team members for their selfless contribution of time and intellectual energy: 

  • Rina Almarez
  • Margaret Arnold
  • Brenda Bondurant
  • Chris Brunner
  • Lynda Carter
  • Erica Castille
  • Meghan Coates
  • Rebecca Cormey
  • Lindsey Estill
  • Kerry Fergason
  • Chris Fullwood
  • Gena Gardiner
  • Marta Gott
  • Laurie Hitzelberger
  • Erin Hukill
  • Chris Israelson
  • Jeremy Gilbert
  • Jennifer Knagg
  • Ashraf Mobh
  • Skip Moran
  • Megan Olmos
  • Dawson Orr
  • Edna Phythian
  • Brianna Riddell
  • Joy Smartt
  • Lynn Terman
  • Katrina Tilley
  • Shelly Venable







In the course of its study, team members read and applied the lessons and principles from many articles and resources, including the following: 

  • Cisco’s Response to Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas
  • The Most Daring Education Reform of All
  • Redefining College Readiness
  • Learning in the Global Era
  • 21st Century Student Outcomes and Support Systems
  • Horizon Report: 2012 New Vision for Public Education
  • Flunking Innovation and Creativity
  • A Well-Rounded Education for a Flat World
  • Quality and Equity in Finnish Schools
  • Preparing our Youth to Engage the World
  • 21st Century Skills: The Challenge Ahead
  • Accountability for what Matters Most
  • The Harvard Business Review
  • Benchmarking the World's Best
  • What Would Socrates Say