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Profile of the Learner for the Future

Our citizen for the future builds the knowledge, skills, attributes, and dispositions to be an accomplished person and lifelong learner. 

The Highland Park ISD learner is:

HPISD has a history of both academic excellence and educational innovation. In mapping out our path for the future, the district leaders began with the most important person in mind: the student.

In 2012, the district assembled a study team made up of parents, students, teachers, administrators, and university professors to identify the knowledge, skills, attributes and dispositions the HPISD student would need to become an accomplished person and lifelong learner. After months of study, discussion and collaboration, the team produced what you see today: the profile of the learner for the future. This profile will serve as the guide for our work going forward.

Thanks to our study team:

HPISD would like to thank the following study team members for their selfless contribution of time and intellectual energy:

  • Chelsea Brown
  • Christine Brunner
  • Lynda Carter
  • Charlotte Clinton
  • Rebecca Cormey
  • Johan Ekstrom
  • Taylor Foster
  • Gena Gardiner
  • Jeremy Gilbert
  • Elyse Griffin
  • Jennifer Hampton
  • Beth Hise 
  • Laurie Hitzelberger
  • Ray Hood
  • Stacy Kelly
  • Walter Kelly
  • Sarah Beth Kelton
  • Leslie Kennemer
  • Suzanne Laidlaw
  • Carol Lanning
  • Hunter Lukken
  • Lauren Luster
  • Brenda McGurgan
  • Skip Moran
  • Dawson Orr
  • Paul Parette
  • Kristan Perryman
  • Edna Phythian
  • Stephen Polley 
  • Mark Royse
  • Bradley Sanders
  • Joy Smartt
  • Sally Spaniolo
  • Eryn Springer
  • Michael Stanford
  • Kirsten Taylor
  • Carson Yeager 



In the course of its study, team members read and applied the lessons and principles from the following articles and resources:

  • Creating A New Vision for Public Education in Texas 
  • The Most Daring Education Reform of All 
  • 21st Century Skills, Education & Competitiveness: A Resource and Policy Guide 
  • Redefining College Readiness 
  • Educating for Global Competence: Preparing Our Youth to Engage in the World 
  • Why We’re Behind: What Top Nations Teach Their Students But We Don’t