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Declaration Forms FAQ

In-person vs. remote learning declaration FAQ
Each grading period, HPISD parents must select between in-person or remote learning for their students by completing a Declaration Form. Forms are emailed to the primary parent email address on file in Skyward. Submissions must be received by 5 p.m. on each specified due date. The district has compiled Frequently Asked Questions to assist parents.


Please note, HPHS follows a six-week grading period while Elementary, MIS, and HPMS follow a nine-week grading period. Form deadlines for the six-week grading period are different than deadlines for the nine-week grading period. Please note, submissions must be received by 5 p.m. on the deadline date. Click here to view and download the HPISD Declaration schedule with dates and deadlines.

Grading Period Grading Period Dates
Submission Dates
Due Date
2nd Six-Weeks Sept. 28 - Oct. 30 Sept. 17 - 27 Sept. 22, 2020
3rd Six-Weeks Nov. 2 - Dec. 18 Oct. 19 - Oct. 23 Oct. 23, 2020
4th Six-Weeks Jan. 5 - Feb. 19 Dec. 3 - Dec. 8 Dec. 8, 2020
5th Six-Weeks Feb. 22 - April 9 Feb. 8 - Feb. 12 Feb. 12, 2021
6th Six Weeks Apr 12 - May 27 Mar. 22 - Mar. 26 Mar. 26, 2021
Grading Period Grading Period Dates
Submission Dates
Due Date
2nd Nine-Weeks Oct. 19 - Dec. 18 Sept. 28 - Oct. 2 Oct. 2, 2020
3rd Nine-Weeks Jan. 5 - Mar. 11 Nov. 30 - Dec. 4 Dec. 4, 2020
4th Nine-Weeks Mar. 22 - May 27 Feb. 22 - Feb. 26 Feb. 26, 2021

Yes. In grades 5 – 12, the teachers assigned to provide remote instruction are the same teachers assigned to in-person instruction. Parents may request to move their students from in-person to remote learning at any time during a grading period. The parent must contact their student’s campus administrator to request the change and to ensure the classroom teacher is properly notified. In grades K – 4, a student that begins with in-person learning, but elects remote learning later in the grading period, may be assigned to a new remote section teacher depending on the time period remaining in the grading period and if space allows.



No. Students electing “Remote Instruction” on the Declaration Form may not change the selection to “In-Person Instruction” until the next grading period.

No.  Students who have opted for remote instruction may participate in extracurricular activities. Please be sure to contact the teacher/coach regarding any specific requirements and guidelines established for remote students.

Yes. However, the dates and times of the services provided for remote students are set by the service provider.  Please be aware, the service will most likely take place in a small group setting and will not be individual therapy or instruction.


Yes. Remote instruction teachers are designated for each 9-week grading period.  The actual teacher designated may change based on a variety of circumstances; such as the number of students declaring remote versus in-person, the programs the child is being served in, and the teachers available for remote instruction.

Not necessarily. Teachers are designated to teach either in-person or remote classes based on enrollment numbers for each option. As parents declare either in-person or remote learning for each grading period, enrollment numbers can change.  The district may be required to utilize staff differently based on enrollment. For example, if there are fewer remote students for the next grading period, compared to the current grading period, in-person classrooms will be balanced based on the overall number of students participating in person at the campus. Likewise, if more students select remote instruction than are currently being served remotely, an in-person teacher may volunteer to serve as the additional remote teacher, requiring students to continue in-person learning to be reassigned to another teacher.

Students selecting remote learning at the start of a grading period will be assigned a designated remote instruction teacher.  The teacher may be assigned to a different campus than the child’s home campus and there may be students from multiple elementary schools within the same remote classroom.

Yes. Students electing to return to in-person learning after participating in remote learning will be assigned to their home campus.