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Message from Board President Jim Hitzelberger
and Superintendent Dr. Tom Trigg - March 25, 2021
Last June, following the death of George Floyd, Highland Park ISD issued a statement (see June message below) to acknowledge that our country continued to struggle with race relations. As was said then, and we say again today, there is no place for racism in our schools or in our community, and we are committed to having a safe environment based upon mutual respect for all students entrusted in our care.
Unfortunately, last week’s tragic shootings of several Asian Americans in the Atlanta area has again caused anger, sadness and fear for many people in our community. HPISD stands in support of all Asian Americans and our hearts are burdened for all of those impacted by such a horrific act. Further, we recognize that events such as these create additional pain and anxiety for community members, and we continue to strive for equality and unity.
All individuals deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and to be safe in their homes, workplaces and schools. We again affirm our commitment for HPISD to be a place where every student, parent and staff member feels valued, included, welcomed and respected every day. 
Additionally, the most recent random shooting in Boulder, CO has left us deeply saddened for the victims’ families, friends, co-workers as well as all of the witnesses. 
Combined, these two tragedies are yet another reminder of the fragility of human life, and our shared responsibility to treat others with kindness while giving thanks for the many relationships and opportunities we are so fortunate to have.
Message from  Superintendent Dr. Tom Trigg - June 3, 2020

At a time when our nation is still struggling to determine the appropriate steps forward through the coronavirus pandemic, we, as a country—once again—find ourselves struggling with race relations. Last week’s tragic and horrific death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis was yet another painful reminder that many in our nation are not treated equally. Our hearts are deeply saddened by this tragedy.
As a school district, we recognize the enormous pain caused by racism throughout our nation’s history. There is no place for racism in our schools or in our community, and, during the last three years, we have taken significant steps to improve how all of our students and staff feel welcomed, included and respected at all of our campuses. This is important work for us all, both for now and the future of our country.
We are especially proud that, during the last five years, our high school student council has taken the initiative to lead discussions devoted to understanding race and racism with hundreds of other student council leaders from dozens of area high schools. They know--and we know--that building a better tomorrow starts by talking with each other to find common ground and a shared vision for what we can and should become.
As educators who love all children, we are steadfast in our commitment to have a safe environment based upon mutual respect for all students entrusted in our care. We also recognize our important role as educators to demonstrate to both our students and the community that we value all individuals equally, while rejecting all forms of bigotry, hateful rhetoric and hateful actions. We will not waiver from that commitment.